family skiing.. Scottish dancing

kids playing chess.. fiddle jam session

Cardigan Mountain Winter Sports and Scottish Dance Weekend

Scottish dance and winter sports weekends at AMC's Cardigan Lodge go back for over 45 years, with winter hiking, Scottish Country dancing, puzzles, games, music, and great food and community. We lost a couple years due to COVID, but the 2023 weekend was a great success, and the 2024 weekend is being planned for the Jan. 13-15 long weekend. The application form will be posted here when it becomes available.

The pictures here (courtesy of Ken Launie) are from a weekend a number of years back, where a foot of new snow fell just as the weekend was getting underway.

If you have questions about these weekends, you can send email to "lance.ramshaw" at the host "gmail.com".

Cardigan Lodge Information

See the Appalachian Mountain Club's Cardigan page for further information about the facility.

Here are copies of the AMC's driving map and written driving directions to Cardigan.

You can also consult the AMC's backcountry weather page here.

panoramic picture of dancers

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Updated 2023-06-04