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Celtic knot with fiddle

Common Tunes (in white binders), by type (Jan 2020)

Archibald MacDonald of KeppochDm
Archie Beaton, Lament for the Death of the Rev. G
Arran Boat SongEm
Auld Resting Chair, DaG
Bonnie Lass of Bon AccordA
Coilsfield HouseG
Cradle SongA
Day Dawn, DaAm
Duchess Tree, TheA
Eternal Surge of the Sea, TheG
Full Rigged Ship, DaAm
Hector the HeroA
Hills of Lorne, TheD
James Moray of Abercarnie, Neil Gow's Lament for G
Lea Rig, TheA
Man's a Man, A (ABAB)A
Margaret Ann RobertsonA
Marni Swanson of the Grey CoastG
Miss Laura AndrewD
Mrs. Jamieson's FavoriteA
Music O' SpeyA
Nameless Lassie, TheG
Second Wife, Neil Gow's Lament for the Death of his D
Sitting in the Stern of a BoatG
Sleeping TuneBm
Slockit Light, DaD
Acadia MarchD
Aitken DrumG
Balmoral CastleA
Battle of WaterlooAm
Calum's RoadD
Campbell's Farewell to RedcastleA
Corriechoillie's Welcome to the Northern MeetingD
Delting Bridal March, DaG
Duke of Fife's Welcome to Deeside, TheA
Father John Angus Rankin's MarchA
Fingal's CaveAm
Glencoe Bridge MarchD
Goose CoveD
Grand EtangEm
Horsburgh CastleD
Hut on Staffin Island, TheD
Loch RannochA
Lord Lovat's LamentA
Lovat Scouts, TheA
Mairi's Wedding (ABAB)D
McKechnie's FarewellD
Mist Covered Mountains, TheBm
My Love She's But a Lassie YetD
Old FaithfulD
Peat Fire FlameEm
Peter and Doreen ChiassonD
Piper's Cave, TheA
Piper's Weird, TheA
Pipes Awa MarchD
Red Haired BoyA
Seventy-Second Highlanders' Farewell to Aberdeen
(Boy's Lament for his Dragon)
Sweet Maid of Glendaurel, TheA
Tha Mi Sgith (ha me skee) (AKA Pulling Bracken)Am
Unst Bridal March, DaA
White Cockade, TheD
6/8 Marches
Atholl HighlandersA
Heights of Cassino, TheA
Scarce O' TattiesAm
Snug in a BlanketD
Retreat Marches
Farewell to NiggBm
Rob Fraser's Welcome to San FranciscoD
When the Battle is OverA
Harvest HomeD
Baddeck Gathering, TheD
Calliope HouseE
Drummond CastleAm
Famous Baravan, TheD
Grace Hay's DelightG
Jig of Slurs, TheD
Jig Runrig, TheD
Mrs. McPherson of Cluny (Wild Geese)A
Muckin O' Geordie's Byre, TheD
Myra's JigA
Peter's Peerie BoatD
Road to Banff, TheD
Roaring JellyD
Sailor's WifeDm
Soup Dragon, TheBm
Stan Chapman's JigA
Stool of RepentanceA
Slip Jigs
Donald Willie and his DogD
Back of the Change HouseD
Banks of SpeyAm
Bog an LochanEm
Braes of MarD
Brochan LomD
Cameron's Got His Wife AgainD
Captain CampbellAm
Captain HorneD
Highland WhiskyA
Iron ManA
John McAlpinA
King George the IVthA
Kirrie Kebbuck, TheD
Lay Dee at DeeD
Lime HillA
Smith's a Gallant FiremanD
Waulkin O' the Fauld, TheAm
Bernadette's ReelAm
Brenda StubbertAm
Carter MacKenzie's ReelA
Catchin' RabbitsD
Davy Nick NackG
Deil Amang the TailorsA
Fairy DanceD
Far from HomeG
Father Francis Cameron's ReelA
Flowers of EdinburghG
Frank's ReelA
High Drive, TheD
High ReelA
High Road to LintonA
Hughie Shorty's ReelG
Iggie and SquiggieD
Jack DanielsA
Jenny Dang the WeaverD
Kate DalrympleA
Keep It UpEm
King's ReelA
Maggie's PancakesBm
Major MolleAm
Mason's ApronA
Miss ShepherdAm
Miss Susan CooperD
Mortgage BurnA
Mrs. MacLeod of RaasayA
My Gentle MilkmaidBm
New Rigged Ship, DaAm
Old Grey Cat, TheEm
Potatoes and Herring (Buntata Sgathain)A
Put Me in a BoxA
Raivlin ReelD
Reconciliation, TheA
Saint Kilda WeddingD
Scallowa Lasses, DaD
Sleep Soond i da MorninAm
Stone Frigate, TheD
Tail ToddleD
Trip to PakistanEm
Union Street SessionD
Wind that Shakes the Barley, TheD
Afton Water (Flow Gently)D
Ashokan FarewellD
Bert MacKenzie'sD
Bonnie at MornAm
Carolynn's WaltzD
Dark Island, TheEm
Hetty & Farquhar's WaltzD
Josefin's DopvalsG
Leaving LismoreD
Michael's MazurkaG
Miss Rowan DaviesG
Morag of DunveganA
My Cape Breton HomeG
My HomeA
Rose-bud of AllenvaleA
Skye Boat SongA
Wild Rose of the Mountain, TheG