Slow Jam Sessions of Scottish Tunes in Concord, MA (

Celtic knot with fiddle

Favorite Tunes (played frequently), by type (Sep 2021)

 Archibald MacDonald of Keppoch Dm 
 Archie Beaton, Lament for the Death of the Rev.  G 
 Arran Boat Song Em 
 Coilsfield House G 
 Hector the Hero A 
 Hills of Lorne, The D 
 James Moray of Abercarnie, Neil Gow's Lament for  G 
 Margaret Ann Robertson A 
 Mrs. Jamieson's Favorite A 
 Second Wife, Neil Gow's Lament for the Death of his  D 
 Sitting in the Stern of a Boat G 
 Sleeping Tune Bm 
 Slockit Light, Da D 
 Battle of Waterloo Am 
 Calum's Road D 
 Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle A 
 Duke of Fife's Welcome to Deeside, The A 
 Glencoe Bridge March D 
 Lovat Scouts, The A 
 Mairi's Wedding (ABAB) D 
 Piper's Weird, The A 
 Pipes Awa March D 
 Red Haired Boy A 
 Seventy-Second Highlanders' Farewell to Aberdeen
(Boy's Lament for his Dragon)
6/8 Marches
 Atholl Highlanders A 
Retreat Marches
 Farewell to Nigg Bm 
 Baddeck Gathering, The D 
 Famous Baravan, The D 
 Jig of Slurs, The D 
 Muckin O' Geordie's Byre, The D 
 Road to Banff, The D 
 Sailor's Wife Dm 
 Stan Chapman's Jig A 
 Stool of Repentance A 
 Back of the Change House D 
 Braes of Mar D 
 Captain Campbell Am 
 Iron Man A 
 Smith's a Gallant Fireman D 
 Barrowburn D 
 Brenda Stubbert Am 
 Fairy Dance D 
 Flowers of Edinburgh G 
 High Drive, The D 
 High Road to Linton A 
 Iggie and Squiggie D 
 Jack Daniels A 
 Jenny Dang the Weaver D 
 Maggie's Pancakes Bm 
 Miss Shepherd Am 
 Miss Susan Cooper D 
 Mrs. MacLeod of Raasay A 
 Potatoes and Herring (Buntata Sgathain) A 
 Raivlin Reel D 
 Reconciliation, The A 
 Spootiskerry G 
 Trip to Pakistan Em 
 Willafjord D 
 Ashokan Farewell D 
 Bonnie at Morn Am 
 Josefin's Dopvals G 
 Morag of Dunvegan A 
 My Cape Breton Home G 
 Skye Boat Song A